Digitally Stained Wood Veneer Skis

Digitally stained wood veneers: a unique option that Praxis is proud to offer for your custom skis! We can digitally stain any of the graphics from our library onto a real wood veneer sheet, something that you don’t encounter with other companies in the industry. You can create a one of a kind custom look pairing the unique wood grain and artwork.

Each sheet of genuine wood veneer that we offer has its own unique grain and a look- no two sheets are the same!   You have the option to select from several different species of wood, each with its own character, grain, and look.

The wood veneer tops have proven to be a durable asset to the skis construction and performance.   By utilizing a wood veneer top in the skis construction, we are able to build a lighter ski, saving 4-8 oz on a pair of skis compared to using a traditional nylon top. Additionally, the wood veneer tops create a damp yet lively ride enhancing the skis performance and feel. 

Combining the correct wood veneer and graphic is an important part of this customization.  Please contact us with any question or advice.   Note that the graphics will be blended with the color and wood grain of the veneer.  Areas of the graphic art that are white will not print and therefore show the wood grain.  Some combos of art and veneer work better: we have found that art without full graphic saturation showcase both the wood veneer and graphic best.  Feel free to contact us with any questions- we are happy to help guide you to the best looking veneer and art combo.


The following examples give a general idea of how each species of veneer will look.  No sheet of veneer is exactly the same, each veneer sheet is unique and will have its own grain pattern and color. If there is a specific aspect of the veneer that you like and would like to see on your skis please feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to achieve that look.  We can also send additional photos of exact veneer sheets for you to select from. 




Featured below are some of the artistic creations that have come out of the Praxis factory over the past few years.   Each pair of skis made with our digitally stained wood veneer is one of a kind.  The art has been blended with Mother Nature to create a unique custom ski. Just like a snowflake these skis are one of a kind and cannot be replicated.  We are able to print almost all of our graphic options onto a wood veneer, imagine the possibilities and create your one of a kind custom ski. 

Visit our custom veneer skis photo album on Facebook for more pictures of digitally printed wood veneer skis.